Magic Sports Gets Important Zoning Approvals

Magic SportsMagic Sports Complex moved one step closer to realizing its dream this month when a special zoning board meeting resulted in a vote to approve its proposed zoning changes. The two important variances essential to its progress were for height and use.

The variances allow the complex to build up to 65 feet for its arena, 85 feet for its hotel and 90 feet for its water park. In the proposed building area height has been limited to 35 feet.

The complex will be located on approximately 287 acres off of Lincoln Avenue, near Route 55. In the past, most of the area was used for sand mining. A portion of the Magic Sports acreage had been zoned residential, but all of it has lain dormant.

The presentation to the zoning board was met with overwhelming support by local citizens and businesses. Sandy Forosisky, Vineland’s director of economic development, gave a strong endorsement stating, “Not only is this a good use, but this is the best use we could ever hope for in a million years.”

The variances are now contingent upon Magic Sports returning to the board and getting site plan approval. This will enables them to move forward with full engineering of the project and to make an application for site plans. The plan is expected to be in front of the board in the early spring. The project will also have to obtain some county and state approvals.

The meeting was extensively covered by the local media, including The Daily Journal, the Press of Atlantic City, and NBC 40.