Magic Children

Magic Children, Inc. is 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate of Magic Sports.  The fundamental goal of Magic Children is to enhance the quality of life for children by providing a variety of sports, recreational and leisure opportunities designed to improve self-esteem, confidence and social inclusion.

Magic Children is committed to universal accessibility for all children and their adult caregivers.  Magic Children will include a Magic Playground and other accessible sports fields and venues.


To encourage and promote healthy growth and development by providing sports, recreation, leisure and health and fitness activities for children with physical and/or developmental disabilities, similar to the sports and recreation activities afford to non-disabled children.


Who are the Magic Children?  They are young athletes who have some type of physical or developmental disability that prevents or impedes their ability to participate and compete in sports and other activities available to non-disabled athletes.

Magic Children believes that comprehensive sports programs for youth with physical disabilities is essential.  Therefore, Magic Children will provide a safe and accessible venue that offers facilities and equipment that allow disabled children – on foot or in wheelchairs – to participate fully in sports competition and recreational activities.

Magic Children’s programs and facilities will be designed to address the varying needs of all participants, focusing on physical skill levels, mental capabilities and mobility requirements, so that every athlete will be challenged to reach their individual potential.

Magic Children will encourage disabled athletes to soar beyond their limitations through participation in dozens of fun and therapeutic activities, including team sports and nature and education programs.

Magic Playground

Magic Children will build an environmentally safe, universally accessible playground that allows children with disabilities to play side-by-side with their able-bodied peers.  Playing with peers is important for children’s social, linguistic and physical development.  Integrated play also gives able-bodied children the opportunity to experience and accept disabled children as equals.

The playground design will significantly exceed American with Disabilities Act standards for playground accessibility for children.  It will comply with both United States Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines and American Society for Testing and Materials standards and seek to address foreseeable hazards that may arise when children of diverse abilities play together.

The playground design will encourage the mobility of adult caregiver, maximizing their ability to supervise and play with their children.  It will also allow disabled parents to enjoy and participate in all activities with their children.

Leadership and Support

Magic Children’s Board of Directors will include a dedicated and diverse group of community members whose efforts will be directed towards increasing the organization’s visibilty and donor base.  They will assist the fundraising effort by helping us approach foundations, corporations and other organizations.

Volunteers will play an active and pivotal role in Magic Children’s success.  Magic Children will offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals of all ages and interests.

“Friends of Magic Children” will be a volunteer group that will work in cooperation with staff to spearhead fundraising and social events in order to promote Magic Children throughout the region and beyond.