Sports Services

Sports can be played anywhere, but athletes will want to play their game on first-class professionally maintained artificial and grass surfaces at Magic Sports.  Athletes and sports enthusiasts will appreciate state-of-the-art playing fields and courts for their game day experience.

Magic Sports services will include the following.

Sport Camps and Training – Qualified and certified coaches, teachers and instructors will be on staff. Professional athletes and/or local and neighboring professional teams and their organizations will be featured at our camps, clinics and comprehensive sport training programs.

Leagues – All major sports will have leagues and competitions. Magic Sports will also have the capacity for additional sports leagues per demand and interest.  Magic Sports will market to teams, associations, companies/corporations and all the communities in the surrounding counties and States.

Tournaments and Competitions – Magic Sports will feature the 13 weeks of summer, starting the second week of June and continuing through the end of August, to showcase week-long tournaments in several popular sports.  In addition, tournaments and competitions will be offered throughout the year on weekends and holidays for both inside and outside events.

Services for Special Populations – Special Population athletes who train and compete at all levels will find Magic Sports to be dedicated to providing them with services and programs that address the needs of special athletes.  Magic Sports will also work to provide a sports experience to such individuals that may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in sports.

Special Outdoor Events – Fairs, historical and traditional sporting events, and professional contests will be scheduled throughout the year.

Education – One of the great features at Magic Sports will be the special education that we will offer to individuals of all ages. The Television / Radio Broadcast training facilities will be the best in the state of New Jersey.  In addition, the medical services on site will feature courses in various first aid and preventative medicine to help athletes, parents and teams prepare for their upcoming season.  There will be ongoing classes for recreational coaches from all sports and courses and certification in officiating and umpiring in all sports. We will reach out to those individuals who put in thousands of hours yearly to help with youth sports and offer professional training to raise the quality of sport for the future of our children. Meanwhile, the local community or will be encouraged to take part in all the educational services that Magic Sports will offer.

Sports and Activities at Magic Sports

Baseball Soccer Softball
Basketball Lacrosse Field Hockey
Volleyball Football Cheerleading
Rugby Tennis Track & Field
Wrestling Boxing Martial Arts
Dodgeball Bowling Many More