Where Magic Happens…

“To Believe Creates the Magic…”  Magic Sports Complex & Resort will touch the lives of millions throughout the world.

The project is a large state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor complex that will offer a host of sports-related activities and events, medical services, health and wellness programs, recreational activities for all ages, and special events.  This venue will be located in South Jersey, in the heart of the northeastern United States.  Magic Sports will draw athletes, families, spectators, sponsors and tourists from all over the world. There is a clear-cut need for outstanding indoor and all-weather outdoor facilities that allow year-round training and competition in this region and beyond.

Magic Sports Complex of New Jersey will also offer a high-quality 4-start resort hotel with various amenities, including an indoor and outdoor water park.

The amateur Sport Competition and Tournament Industries have yet to reach their peaks.  Families who are involved in youth sport programs now travel throughout the country (and even the world) to cheer on and support their children in sport.  Over the next 10 years these industries will explode. The potential for success is unlimited, especially in the Northeast.

Magic Sports will offer a variety of support services and multiple venues to address the needs of developing and aspiring athletes, their families and those looking for a great family and company getaway.  The Magic Sports concept is designed for athletes of all ages, income levels, backgrounds and conditions:

  • Facilities and activities for youth sports, college athletes, professional and elite training
  • Activities for boys and girls, men and women
  • Services for underserved and at-risk children
  • Sports instruction, training and competition for physically or mentally-challenged athletes
  • Competitions and championships for multiple sport activities
  • Sports-related career training such as radio and television broadcasting and production
  • Sports, health and wellness activities for more mature sports enthusiasts and adults